By Diane Sneed

The girls who work at this facility are some of the best.

Their compassionate experienced caring and knowledgeable I would recommend this facility for anyone to try my mother has had some of the very best care here.

Thank you for all that you do.

By Deanna & Charles Family

We're very pleased with Sophie's Manor. We placed our 90 year old Mother there 3 months ago and she has adjusted well to her new home.

It has a quaint country home style setting that is lovely and well kept, with big windows, so she can watch the squirrels in the bird feeder.

Mom spends most of her day in the huge family great room with wrap around seating so everyone has a view of what's going on. The coffee is always hot.

The staff has been very attentive to her personal care needs, and they keep things fun. Her favorite day is when Scott the Music Man comes and she can join in singing, you'd never guess how fun a ukulele can be for a sing along.

The resident's room are darling and kept very tidy. She is treated with respect and like one of the family and so are we when we visit or call.

I only wish I could have found this location earlier and brought her here sooner. She has more interaction with all of the daily activities and seems more alert with her new family friends and with the attention she receives.

By Anonymous

My mother’s been here for 3 years now and I go to see her every day. I think Sophie’s Manor is a very home-like place; the food is wonderful and the staff is very caring and they know what they’re doing.

Mom is satisfied here and I feel she’s in a safe and happy place.

I would recommend Sophie’s Manor to my friends or relatives.

By Lindy

I highly recommended because of the care, the warmness and the love of the staff shown to the residents. Also the food is very well cooked and I have had lunch with my mother there every day.

I cannot complain about ONE SINGLE MEAL I’ve had there! The location from where I live to this manor is favorable in that its a short distance. I enjoy being there for the atmosphere of the place.

Resident Family Satisfaction Survey Comment

I am very happy with the care my family member gets. I am confident she is well taken care of and staff at Sophie’s is kind and considerate, which is awesome and relieves the stress from me! Thank You!

By Theresa

To All the staff at Sophie’s… Where do I start? I have no way to put into words how much I appreciate the wonderful care and love you showed for Mar.

My sister was my world, and you all had a huge part in keeping her so well taken care of. I will never forget it, or any of you. Mar thought the world of all of you. From the bottom of my heart, Thank You

By Theresa

I just love that you always take the time for doing crafts!! Makes me smile!!

By Abby

The Pleasure was all ours! Sophie’s Manor is such a sweet group of people. You’ve touched my heart. Thanks for putting up with my crazy kid .

By Connie

Thanks for the photos! Looks like they are having a great time! I’m glad! Thanks to the staff and their kids for having the activity!

By Kevin

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